Why does carbon offset matter and how does it work?

The bonus of our Shipping Protection is the Carbon Offset service we provide to customers to “cancel out” any carbon due to standard freight emissions required to ship your order.

As merch is shipped across the country, carbon is emitted directly into the environment. For example, A 20-ton truck traveling 1000 miles emits over 3 metric tons of CO2. To put this in perspective, the average US household produces 15 - 20 metric tons of CO2 yearly. 

To offset harmful emissions due to standard freight shipments, you have the opportunity to offset any carbon created by your shipment. This amount is typically very small for a single individual but when combined with the millions of orders placed, it adds up to a significant amount of CO2 metric tons.

The collected money is given to various certified carbon offset projects through Corso you can learn more about here

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